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Questions that we can answer to help you-if you have any further questions that are not listed, please get in touch.



If I suffer from a medical condition, can I have the fat treatments done?

If you suffer from Reynaud’s disease, Circulation problems, Cancer, Tumour, Hernia, or Varicose Veins in the area to be treated, the treatment cannot be carried out. For Diabetes there can be some exceptions, but a doctor’s note must be provided.

If I am pregnant, can I have the fat treatments done?

No, in order to have the fat treatment you must wait 12 months after to have the treatment done.

What if I had a recent operation?

If you have had a recent operation (Major/or Minor), you must wait at least a 12 month period since the operation in order for your body to recover before you have the treatment done.

What If I am on medication?

Consult your doctor about the treatment you are having done and bring a doctor’s note.

Do I need to remove Makeup/or Nail Varnish before the treatment?

No, you can wear Makeup or Nail Varnish before, during and post treatment.

Do I need to remove body piercings before the treatment?

Only remove body piercings from the area(s) where you are having the treatment done.

How long is the treatment?

Normal Fat freezing=1 hour

Supercharged Fat Freezing=2 hours 30 minutes

What should I expect during the treatment?

  • A gel membrane is applied on the area(s) before the treatment.
  • No pain, but a tight pulling can be expected, uncomfortable, numb feeling.
  • Softer fat is more reactive than harder fat. Harder fat can be worked on by softening the fat first.
  • Permanent fat reduction when weight is maintained or loss.

What should I expect post treatment?

The supercharged treatment continues to work for 8 weeks.  Fat Freezing alone continues to work 2-3 weeks.

Common symptoms post treatments are:

  • Feeling Cold
  • Shivery
  • Tender
  • Slight bruising in certain areas where the treatment has been done
  • Urine cloudy
  • Dehydrated (drink more water)

What activities can I not proceed post treatment?

No heat after treatments post 24 hours, which includes no saunas and no sunbeds.

Can I exercise and carry out normal everyday activities?

Yes, you will be able to exercise and carry out normal everyday activities.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. When making a booking, a £50 deposit is required.