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http://shibuifineart.com/events/2017-12-03/ Cavitation is a new, painless, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure, you won’t be poked, prodded, or injected with anything. Instead, your therapist uses an ultrasound device to perform the procedure.

Finpecia 1mg canada A small amount of gel is applied to the skin where excess fat needs to be removed. Then the ultrasound device is applied to the skin, in a sweeping and circular motion during a 20 to 40 minute treatment session.

watch The ultrasound device is calibrated only to target fat cells; ultrasonic waves are directed to the area and begin to break down the fat cells being targeted. This causes them to release triglycerides and other fatty substances and converts solid fat into a liquid substance that is easy to remove through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Some of the liquefied fat will be used for energy and the rest will be excreted through the urine; so drinking water is essential.

Clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to 72 hours following the treatment as your body will process the excess triglycerides and fatty substances, with optimum results after 4 to 8 sessions.

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  • We would like to see you for a no obligation consultation before you book in for treatment, so we can discuss your body contouring desires and target areas.

  • It is important to be well hydrated both before and after fat freezing. This can influence the results. Please drink at least half a litre of water before treatment

  • Alcohol should not be consumed on the day of treatment, or for 48 hours post treatment.

  • No laser, pulsed light treatments or sunbeds on the day of the treatment.

  • Treated areas may appear swollen or bruised for a short period following the treatment, which is a side effect that may occur from the vacuum motion.

  • For the best results, we advise you to consume a minimum of 2 litres per day, and follow a balanced diet.


Introductory Offer

£70- individual area treatment
  • £360 for a course of 6 (saving you 15% off individual treatments)

Full Price

£98- individual area treatment
  • £504 for a course of 6



“I was a bit unsure at first what to expect but Lizzie put me at ease and answered any questions I had. The procedure was totally painless, in fact I nearly fell asleep so it was clearly quite relaxing! The results were hard to believe. I completely recommend this procedure, especially at Number 1.”

“The results were amazing, pain and stress free, plus affordable”

“I can’t believe the difference to my tummy in one treatment! Lizzie is lovely, very helpful and offers realistic advice! I can’t wait to come back and tackle more areas!”